In July, 2009, the younger Sisters of Sion from around the globe gathered in Jerusalem and stayed at Sion’s houses in Ein Karem and Ecce Homo in the Old City. It was a “getting to know you and the countries represented” time and a spiritual time in the places of Biblical history and also of the Congregation.

The group gave themselves the name, ConnecSion. Some of their reflections of this time together follows:

  • “Both apostolic and contemplative sisters joined in this meeting to share and to experience living life together. We were called to connect with one another to ensure the building of the Kingdom of God, particularly Sion’s charism. We discussed the importance and commitment of prayer in our lives; of our role models both within and outside Sion, who inspired us; and of the importance of ongoing Biblical studies. We considered our ideal lifestyle to live more radically our calling to religious life.” Therese, United Kingdom
  • “The language that each one possessed was never an obstacle to echo the meaning that was full of color. Each experience of the sisters and others who shared has become a strength, an inspiration and a challenge for me who is a new member of the Congregation.” Leah, Philippines.
  • “A Province without Borders : this expression indicated the audacity we must have in the present time. United in Jerusalem, we felt the flow of life and energy that is in Sion, represented here in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Romania, Belgium, Congo, Ireland, Poland and Brazil, and through the various cultures, languages, and way of life. Renata, Brazil.
  • “What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me?. Thank you Lord for all those who are a part of my life, of my history…who make me the happiest person in the world!” Helena, Brazil
  • “After this rich experience we realize better our communion and also the need to continue to explore and clarify our special vocation in the Church and in our religious life, apostolic or contemplative.” Claudia and Martine, Contemplatives, Israel