charism1A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This design represents Jerusalem. Our founder Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne considered Jerusalem as essential to the Congregation. Why?

Sion is the biblical name for Jerusalem; it means City of Peace. It also means the people to which Mary and Jesus belong. Jerusalem in the Bible is the future to which we are moving where all nations will gather together in peace.

In Jerusalem are the three monotheistic religions that call it their spiritual home represented by the church steeple, the mosque with the crescent moon, and the menorah. The word “peace” is written in Arabic, Hebrew and Latin, the three languages of those religions. Finally, a dove carrying an olive branch brings peace over all of Jerusalem.

God’s Love and Fidelity For the Jewish People is at the Heart of Sion’s Charism

It is through this love and fidelity that The Sisters of Our Lady of Sion make this threefold commitment to:


tikunOur vision is a gift to the Church to:

  • Recall that Jews and Christians are mysteriously linked together by a spiritual bond
  • Promote understanding and peace between Jews and others
  • Be sensitive to minority rights of the poor and marginalized from our understanding of the history of the Jewish people
  • Provide human rights and justice based on the Biblical vision