DSCF0149The first international meeting was held in Jerusalem. The General Leadership Team expressed their gratitude for those persons with whom we journey and who share and live “the charism of the Sisters of Sion in its threefold commitment to the Church, to the Jewish people and to a world of justice, peace and love.”

The international team comprise Sisters May Babic, Flor Quesada, Ivete Holthman and Teresa Brittain. Two associates will join the team within the year.

The fourfold task already begun:

  • To research, report and suggest ways of consolidating the richness that already exists
  • To enable the various expressions with persons, groups and institutions to be further developed
  • To develop a plan of formation on the level of the Congregation, which could be adapted to the reality of each province as needed
  • To encourage provinces to develop, according to their realities, groups of associates.