Vowed Members


Women “who have heard the personal call of God, the summons to total love. ..It comes today through Jesus Christ in his  Church. ‘If you will…come follow me.’” Constitutions. #20

There are three vows:

  • Chastity – “… a personal love which enables us to express joyfully our radical discipleship.” Constitutions #23
  • Poverty – “…a conversion to simplify our lives…to love God by giving of ourselves.”  Constitutions  #35
  • Obedience – “ …freely choosing  to become members…to carry out whatever God requires of us.” Constitutions  #41

Sr. Celia Deutsch says: “ I love my vocation with a passion and I want to share it”.  Read Sister stories.

We have two “branches” of Sisters of Sion: Apostolic Sisters  and Contemplative Sisters

OAKMOUNT-programs-2008-007Apostolic Sisters

These sisters, for the most part, are involved in external works among the people.

“Our apostolic life is characterized by a threefold commitment: to the Church, to the Jewish people, and to a world of justice, peace and love. Whatever task we are engaged in , we are called to integrate in some way, these three dimensions of our apostolic commitment.”  Constitutions  #13

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Contemplative Sisters

5ContemplativesThese sisters lead a more prayerful life within and work within the community.
“The contemplative communities are called to be centers of praise and intercessions. In complimentary with the apostolic sisters, they are at the service of the same mission.” Constitutions #1C  They are in France, Brazil and Israel.
“We hope, pray and work for the day when all will know God and justice and peace will embrace.” Constitutions #5


  • Is Jesus calling you to religious life?
  • Do you long for something more?
  • Are you drawn to a life of prayer and service?
  • Do you seek a world of justice, peace and love?
  • Are you open to other cultures and faith traditions?
  • Are you willing to share life in community?

Contact email: sion.prov@sympatico.ca  (USA and Canada)

Persons, who understanding our particular charism in the Church, are called to express this vision in his or her life.” Constitutions  #19a
Barbra shared “ a movement of reconciliation is a very powerful message in today’s world”. Read Barb’s charism story.

“ I want you to have hearts bigger than the whole world.” Theodore Ratisbonne